St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Hello, Dolly!
Producer: Betsy Donnelly
Director: Taron Hensley
Musical Director: David Auerbach
Choreographer: David Auerbach
photos by  Michael Hofmayer
and Cheryl Gonzales
Being "promoted" from Chief Clerk... Chief Clerk, by Mr. Vandergelder.
Erick Casanova, as the sweet and
inexperienced Cornelius Hackle.
Cornelius and Barnaby decide to make some tomato
cans explode. That will give them an evening off.
The men's chorus, sing about the
archaic benefits of having a wife.
Getting ready to put on
his "Sunday Clothes" and
escape to New York.
Dolly Levi leads everyone aboard the Yonkers-New York express train.
Dolly offers Cornelius her
services as "33-year-old
Chief Clerks Taught how
to dance."
Irene, Minnie, Barnaby and Cornelius demonstrate they got "Elegance."
After getting
arrested and
taken to court for
"inciting to riot,"
Cornelius and
Irene confess
their love for each
other while
"It Only takes a
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