Brittany Bexton                                    (Ellen)
Erick Casanova                                   (Thuy)
George Chan                                       (John)
Jane Chen                                             (Kim)
Jenny Cho                                   (Ensemble)
Kazumi Kusano                           (Ensemble)
Dave Malloy                                        (Chris)
Teresa Moore                              (Ensemble)
Dale Murphy                                (Ensemble)
Andre Nigoghossian                         (Guitar)
Issabella Shields                          (Ensemble)
Raphi Soifer                                 (Ensemble)
Alexis P. Wong                                     (Gigi)
Mark Romyn                          (The Engeneer)
Ten Red Hen Productions presents
{the 99-cent}
Miss Saigon
Director: Maya Gurantz
Musical Director: Dave Malloy
Vocal Assistance: Alexis P. Wong
Choreographic Assistance: Tracy Dorrance
Dance Captain: Brittany Bexton
Design Consultant:
Jon Wai-keung Lowe is not responsible for the content found in the websites provided by members of the Cast and Crew of {the 99-cent} Miss Saigon,
BW and close-up photos
Stephen Chan

Young Thuy and Tourist's
photos by
Derek Chung
As Thuy, after the triumph of the  VC.
As one of the American soldiers in
"The Heat is on in Saigon," the
opening number.
As a young and scared Thuy.
As part of the ensemble, creating the boat that will
help Kim and the Engineer escape from Ho Chi Min.
As one of the Vietnam
Veterans in "Bui Doi"  the first
number of Act II.
During rehearsal.
As a silly tourist in Bangkok -This is an
inside joke; Erick is actually impersonating
Doyle, the strange pharmacist he played
Fourteen Times in Two Weeks. He is
also wearing the very same costume he
used for this character in 2004-
As one of the Vietnamese civilians who are left
behind after the "Fall of Saigon."
Dancing with Marylin Monroe, while representing
the American Show Tunes in "American Dream".
As Thuy, coming back from the
death to haunt Kim in her dreams.
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