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Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11"
Voice: Baritone


We Don't Go Together At All   Cabaret              The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, New York, NY
                                                                     The M Bar, Los Angeles, California

All Things Equal                      Multiple Roles    The Players Theatre, New York, NY

Urbane Qualities                       Nick                  TSI - Theater Vision/Play Time, New York, NY

Viva Concha! In Concert          Santiago             Benicia Historical Museum, Benicia CA

The Perfect Memory                The Man            Fringe Festival of Marin, Marin CA (Best Actor)

Suitcase (Darvag Theatre)         Tailor’s son        Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco CA

Hello, Dolly!                            Cornelius            St. Stephen’s Outdoor Theatre, Orinda CA

Viva Concha! Premiere Cast     Ensemble            Victoria Theatre, San Francisco CA

{the 99-cent} Miss Saigon        Thuy                  Ten Red Hen Company, Berkeley CA

On The Razzle                        Foreigner/Waiter  The Diego Rivera Theatre, San Francisco CA


AMERICAN MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ACADEMY - Integrated Program          New York, NY
CHARLES CHAPLIN INSTITUTE                               - Filmmaking & Production       Lima, Peru


MUSICAL THEATRE:         Evan Pappas, Jeffrey Dunn, Jay Dias, Teri Ralston, Stephen Randoy,
                                         Mark Goodman
ACTING:                             Dan Daily, Ray Virta, Jenny Mercein, Gail Dennison
VOICE:                                Byron Singleton
VOICE & SPEECH:             Joe Goscinski, Angela Eckard, Chris Neher
DANCE:                              Michele Hart-Haviland, Billy Johnstone, Casey Colgan

                              SPECIAL SKILLS

Spanish (First Language), French basics, Facial Contortions, Character Voices,  Puppetry (Hand and Sock
Puppets), Realistic Dog-barking, Hand and Computer Drawing (Cartoons, Realism), Software Operation
(Word, Excel, Power Point, Mozilla, Explorer, Safari), Basic Sewing, Peruvian Cuisine

                             OTHER EXPERIENCE

SOCIAL SERVICES:       Children’s Program Activities Facilitator, Peer Counselor, Career Advisor,
                                  Case Manager, Work Readiness Instructor
LANGUAGE:                   Spanish Teaching and Tutoring (Children, Adults - Individuals, Groups),
                                  Translations (Official Documents, Scripts, Lyrics), Interpreting