Candace Forest  
Viva Concha!  
"Rose of the Presidio"   
Composer, Writer and Producer: Candace Forest
Musical Director: Martha Rodriguez Salazar
Director: Victoria Holder
Choreographer: Colin Russell
photos to be credited.
Erick is also one of the Russian sailors who
accompany Rezanov in "We ride the Waves".
Erick Casanova plays a Spanish soldier born in
"Alta California," before it became part of the US.
The show stops when the
company gathers to sing
"Fricassee of his excellency"
The whole cast of Viva Concha! "Rose of the Presidio" singing "Kirie Eleison," the grand Finale.
Erick and the rest of the cast tell Rezanov the wonders of Consuelo
Arguello, also known as "Concha, rose of the Presidio"
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